What is metal mesh filter?

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What is metal mesh filter?


Metal mesh filter is also called corrugated mesh, aluminum filter, aluminum corrugated mesh filter, primary effect aluminum mesh filter, oil mist filter, corrugated aluminum mesh, and belongs to primary effect filter.

Low air resistance, long service life, repeated cleaning, economical and durable.

The outer frame is galvanized frame or aluminum frame, and the filter material is corrugated aluminum mesh, so it is called wave metal filter abroad. According to customer needs, the wave amplitude and metal aperture can be adjusted. The lower the wave amplitude, the smaller the aperture and the higher the filtration efficiency. Between the corrugations are diamond-shaped holes.

The metal filter has the special effects of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance because the entire structure is made of metal materials. It is usually used to filter oil and oil mist in kitchens, filter car wax in automobile assembly workshops, and primary filtration in ordinary ventilation systems. It is also common in air-conditioning coarse dust filtration systems in office buildings, and air-intake filtration in subway air-conditioning rooms and power distribution rooms in substations.

The standard size is 595*595*21mm, 595*595*46mm. The former 21mm thickness is generally a three-layer aluminum mesh structure, and the 46mm thickness is generally a 7-layer filter structure.