What is a medium efficiency filter?

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What is a medium efficiency filter?

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bag-type primary filter

The medium-efficiency filter is mainly used to capture and filter 1-5um air suspended particles, and the filtration efficiency is F5-F9

It can be divided into bag type and non bag type. The bag type has high dust holding rate and low wind resistance. It is the most widely used medium-efficiency air filter.

Mainly used for intermediate filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems. It is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronics factories, etc. For places where air purification and cleanliness requirements are not high, medium-efficiency filters can be used as terminal filtering equipment. For places with higher requirements for air purification and cleanliness, medium-efficiency filters can be used as pre-filtration equipment for high-efficiency filters.

Generally not used alone, it needs to be used with a coarse filter.

The service life generally needs to be replaced after 3 to 4 months. Generally, it is not recommended to clean, even if it is cleaned, it is recommended not to exceed one time.

Medium-efficiency filter materials generally include non-woven fabrics and glass fibers. The frame is generally a galvanized frame or aluminum frame. The standard size is generally 595x500mm and so on.