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There are generally two styles of primary-efficiency foldable filters/filters on the market, one is to cover both sides of the air inlet and outlet with double-sided folded diamond mesh, and the other is to cover the double-sided metal frame of the mother and child frame. The former is low in price and economical and applicable, while the latter has a firmer structure, impact resistance and not easily damaged. You need to choose which structure according to the use environment.

It can be seen from the name that the filter material of the coarse-efficiency foldable filter is a pleated structure, which increases the filtering area and filtering efficiency, which is its advantage over the flat type. However, since the filter material and the protective nets on both sides are folded, the production cost and price will be slightly increased.

The outer frame is basically aluminum, the size is 595*595*46mm, or 595*595*96mm. The filter material is synthetic fiber filter cotton.

It is used in the pre-primary filtration of central air-conditioning and ventilation systems, or in some simple air-conditioning and ventilation systems that only require primary filtration. It is widely used in electronics factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, aerospace, airports, hospitals and other places. It is also used in the air inlet of gas turbines and air compressors.