What is a high efficiency filter(hepa) without partitions?

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What is a high efficiency filter(hepa) without partitions?

bag-type primary filter

The high-efficiency filter without partitions has very high filtration efficiency and is suitable for environments with strict air requirements. Technically, hot melt adhesive is used to replace aluminum foil or paper partitions with partitioned high-efficiency filters. It is precisely because of the removal of the visible partition structure that it can achieve higher filtration efficiency under the same thickness. For example, a 50mm non-partition filter can achieve the efficiency of a 150mm thick partition filter.

In general, the thickness is 50-90mm, but other thicknesses can also be customized according to your needs. The filter material is generally glass fiber filter paper or PP high-efficiency filter paper, and a spray mesh will be installed on the air outlet surface to protect the filter paper from damage. The outer frame is generally aluminum alloy plate, aluminum material, galvanized plate.

In modern clean workshops, high efficiency filters without partitions are used more and more to replace the styles with partitions, and have become the mainstream products in high-end air purification. And its service life is greatly increased. Except in some occasions with high temperature resistance or special requirements, the hot melt adhesive in the filter material without partition will be melted at high temperature, and aluminum foil must be used to fill the filter material. In other places, due to its high performance and cost-effectiveness, the partitionless style has completely replaced the partitioned style.