What is a high efficiency filter with a partition?

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What is a high efficiency filter with a partition?

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A high-efficiency filter with a partition is a type of high-efficiency air filter. The reason why it is called a partition is because of its structural design, which adds a partition between each layer of the filter screen. There are many kinds of separator materials, mainly two materials: aluminum separator and paper separator. The aluminum partition is made of aluminum foil, and the paper partition is made of thin cardboard. The material of the partition is mainly determined by the different use environment, and the price is not much different. The design purpose of the partition is mainly to ensure the air filtration efficiency, so that the air can pass through more smoothly, and to maintain the spacing between the layers of filters.

The thickness of the high-efficiency filter with partition is much higher than that of the primary or medium-efficiency filter. The thickness is generally around 292mm, you can refer to the picture on this page.

The outer frame is mostly made of aluminum and galvanized sheet. The filter material generally uses ultra-fine glass fiber, which can filter dust below 0.5um, and is widely used in modern industries. As a terminal air filter, it plays a central role in air purification.