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Q: Are you really a manufacturing company or a trading company?
A: We are indeed a filter element manufacturer with 10 years of experience. We have long-term cooperative relationships with Foxconn, Huawei, and many large hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in China.
Q: Where are air filters commonly used?
A :HAVC(heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems) painting stations, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, cement or asphalt powder plants, clean rooms, power stations, heavy metal industries, gas turbines and cogeneration power plants, engineering and equipment plants, drying and baking rooms, hospitals, etc.
Q: What are your testing criteria?
Answer: EN779:2012 ISO9001
Q: What is the international standard for air filters?
A: Europe and America use different names for the same standard.
Euro :Pre (G1-G4), Medium (F5-F9), HEPA (H10-H14) ULPA (U15-U17)
American :Pre (MERV1-7), Medium (MERV8-14), HEPA (MERV15-19) ULPA(Marey 20)